Jason M. Palamara


“I find there to be no greater mission than one of giving your fellow human being the hope that tomorrow is a worthwhile destination.”

Jason Palamara

“And to continue to serve my fellow Veterans and First Responders is more than I could ever hope to be doing-to live a life of service to others is really creating a fulfilling life for yourself.”

About Jason

Jason Palamara is a leading expert on police wellness and resilience. As an engaging speaker, teacher, and trainer, he shares his personal experience of a career in law enforcement that provides lessons which are valuable not only to First Responders, but anyone that wishes to live a happy and healthy life.

Jason shows through lessons learned along the way, that one can exit their police career as healthy, if not healthier, than when they entered it. He shares insights gained through one of the noblest of professions, and thirsts to share them so that our protectors are protected.




If I can impart the curiosity for just one person to want to see what their tomorrow looks like, and decide that they are not done with life, then I am happy. I found through my own struggles in my career as a LEO, that growth is possible.

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Jason is known nationally as a dynamic speaker, author, and expert on police wellness and resilience. His keynotes, trainings, and webinars for departments and agencies are designed to provide practical and immediate solutions when it comes to ensuring the mental health and well-being of our First Responders.